Shipping and Returns

Shipping policy

We deliver within 24-48 hours since the payment is made. Remember that if you make the payment by transfer it will take us around 2 or 3 days to receive it.
The transportation service that we use to make the shipping is  Fedex/DHL, with exceptions ( At Islas Canarias is more convenient to use China Post to avoid customs retentions)  the order arrives between 7-12 days since we receive the payment.
According to  the legislation, every package coming from out of UE  must to pay Customs fee, fortunately, in practice this happens in  a 10% of our packages. We do our best to prevent it from happening, not sending overly large packages (We split it in several if necessary) and using Fedex, more expensive but safer.
If one of ours packages was retained on customs and the buyer had to pay customs fees to receive it we want to highlight:
1) The charge is completely external to KUNGFUZAPAS. Its not deppend of us, We do everythin in our hands to avoid that.

2)  We commit ourselves to take charge of the 50% Of the amount paid as a customs fees If the buyer sends us the receipt of that payment. This amount (the 50%) Will be deducted from the next order. To send the receipt, writte to us to
Returns policy
Returns will be accepted in case we made a mistake.  (Wrong size or model..) or fabrication issues. If we made a mistake please let us know to and we will fix it 
You can return the item whitin 14 days since the day you received it. We will reimburse the total costs of the product, always when you return it to us in original conditions, With the wrapping intact.