1.   Are your products original?

The products are identical replicas of the originals. They are made it with the same materials. 
In our FAVOURITES on Twitter (@
KUNGFUSNEAKERS) you can find photos and customer's feedback. 
2.   Can I pay using COD (cash on delivery)? 
Unfortunately, because we send our products straight from China, we can’t offer COD for our orders.
3.   What payment method do you accept? 
We accept Paypal, VISA, wire transfer, MoneyGram and Western Union. 
4.   What shipping method do we use? 
 Urgent shipping (6-10 business day)
Standard shipping (7-15 business days)
   How much are the shipping costs?
(7-15 business days)
Order 1 pair of sneakers, $5.90
Order 2 pair of sneakers or more, FREE shipping. 

(6-10 business days)
Order 1 pair of sneakers$14.90
Order 2 pair of sneakers, FREE shipping.